The Agency CEO Series: Darren Kingman, Root Digital.

Hello, and welcome to the first in a new series of video interviews, designed to uncover the secrets to early stage agency growth – directly from the mouths of the founders delivering it every single day!

The idea of the new Youtube series is to ask the questions that you wish you could ask of the people running agencies across the world and help you learn from the best of what they’ve done to date.

And no, we won’t always be interviewing the obvious, instead focusing on those still very much at the coal face, working away in the darkness building agency businesses that are within reach of us all!

This week’s episode comes directly from that face as we fire the questions at the boss of remote organic search agency Root Digital.

In the interview, which you can find below – or over at our YouTube Channel – we find out exactly how they’ve managed to scale to £1m in revenue as a completely remote agency team by selecting the right clients.

The questions are no-holds-barred and so if you want to know all about the reality of agency strategy and the secrets behind serious growth then make sure you take a look…

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Here’s the video….