We fuel agency growth. From start to exit.

What is Scaled?

Scaled is a different kind of consultancy. Sure, we offer straightforward services across a range of the usual growth consulting areas, but where the magic really exists is in the bringing it together into what we call the 10X Process – a 3-5 year cycle that leans in on every detail of the teams learnings in scaling agency businesses to exit. And what’s more, we can back up what we say with smart money value-add investment, handing our partner businesses the rocket fuel to grow exponentially and aligning us all in the mission to grow!

Who are Scaled?

Scaled founder Simon Penson’s journey and rich and varied business career makes him uniquely qualified to help. Whilst starting his career as a journalist it was in the early days of the internet where he found his first success, launching and selling a series of advice websites focused on high value niches before it was an established market.

Since those days in the very early 2000s he has gone on to build, merge and sell one of the world’s foremost digital marketing agencies; a business which was sold into NYSE-listed agency group Interpublic (IPG) in an eight-figure deal.

After a brief pause he has become an active angel investor and partner at top tier early-stage venture capital firm Haatch Ventures, where he leads investments into cutting edge digital businesses and supports their fundraising, strategy, and growth. Many of these businesses are already well on their path to 10x growth.

Senior Partner Richard Marriott has over two decades of experience running sales, marketing and commercial teams. Having worked client and agency side gives him great perspective on what it’s like on both sides of the table.

Richard previously worked alongside Simon growing his digital marketing agency and took the reins after Simons exit. Following this he led the business through a significant period of integration and change management as it amalgamated with the rest of the group to form a multi-million dollar agency with over 450 people in the UK alone. 

Most recently Richard has been building a sales and marketing strategy from the ground up in a Chief Growth Officer role for one of the fastest growing creative content and branding agencies in the UK before joining the Scaled team.

It’s this unique mix of experiences across building both bootstrapped and funded businesses through to exit and beyond that makes Scaled an in-demand consultancy and smart money investment partner for all kinds of cash flow positive service-led and digital businesses.

This rich mix of experiences and decades of toil across such a broad range of businesses has provided the insight that has forged the 10X Process our in demand roadmap to exponential growth.

Our Approach to Growth

We work across five key areas of your business as part of our unique 10X Process; a tried-and-tested strategy for setting and delivering ambitious growth goals. Below is a taster of what we cover but for more see our How We Help page.

Sales & Marketing
Finance & Governance

Planning Phase

Business Planning and Strategy
  • What, How and Why mission setting
  • Product market fit
  • Proposition development
  • Go to market strategy
  • Strategic Initiative setting and management
  • Internal communication and governance

Build Phase

Driving Revenue
  • Sales strategy
  • Marketing strategy
  • Pricing strategy
  • Sales conversion and process
  • Team and process scaling

Growth Phase

Building Scale
  • Cultural development
  • Organisational design
  • Senior leadership development
  • Growth strategy
  • Process automation and development
  • HR strategy and development
  • Responsibility and accountability mapping
  • Delegation and founder exit

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