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Here's what we look for in an agency…

Secure Investment For Your Agency

When considering consulting clients for double-down ‘smart money’ or ‘value accelerant’ investment, we consider the following:

Founder/CEO traits

(must have at least 2 of the 3 traits)

  • Mission led – They must be compelled to win not through greed but by making their core competence the best in the world.
  • Unique insight – Their experience has led them to launch the business in the belief that the current way is broken, out of date or there is simply a better way.
  • Competitive greatness – they must be built to win and to enjoy the hardest of challenges.
Business qualifications

(must have at least 3 of the traits)

  • Must be able to prove it can be, or has been, cash flow positive or profitable. We are not interested in the ‘fund-to-grow-at-all-costs’ model.
  • Must have pre-existing revenues for at least a year in the six figures or more range.
  • 60% or higher gross revenues
  • Existing acquisition channels.
Industry qualifications

(must have at least 1 of the traits)

  • Be a service-based internet business
  • Have the ability to be, or already is, a tech-enabled business.
  • And we particularly love E-learning, SaaS, ecommerce, digital, education, consulting, and agency businesses.

What we help agencies do

In simple terms we look to achieve the following with a 3–5-year timeline.

  1. We see as much as a 10x increase in revenue.
  2. Monthly cash flows improve monthly with shareholders able to take larger and larger dividends.
  3. The founder/s have built a solid senior team capable of running the business day-to-day.
  4. Company transforms from “big small business” into a “sellable enterprise”.
  5. The founder creates personal wealth that no longer requires them to work for the rest of their lives if they choose not to.

How we do it

Our formula is simple; adding real experience as well as securing the right cash to your business creates a multiplier effect. We call it acceleration capital and invest to acquire a minority stake, ensuring that the founder maintain control but benefit from absolute alignment and significant extra time and focus investment from Scaled.

In this sense we function like a majority owner, and we help you earmark every penny of the capital injected so that it acts as rocket fuel for your growth.
The invested capital is usually focused in on four key areas:

Tech, software and finance infrastructure
For real-time reporting and analysis and efficiency improvement, all of which aids strategic decision-making.
Recruitment of experienced staff
Talent with a winning track record to remove the bottlenecks present in most companies.
Sales and marketing strategy & delivery
Strategy development and implementation to drive revenue, maximize lifetime gross profit per customer and lifetime value.
Professionalising the 'back office'
To decrease risk, create consistency in delivery and deliver financials that stand external tests and maximize any exit result.

What our clients say

“The team skilfully manage the conversation around funding in a real world way, ensuring that plans and valuations are realistic and will resonate and that conversations are plugged into the right VCs and angels. Quality of quantity is the approach and it’s saved us vast amounts of time and secured us funding quickly.”

Andrew Mole – CEO Pubx

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