Want to Scale your Business?

We're on a mission to 5-10x the profits of a select handful of agencies and other cash flow positive businesses with £100k - £3m of EBITDA. If you'd like institutional level help scaling your company, without giving up majority interest, click the green button.

Why Scaled?

We're different to most as we've been there and bought the tee shirt and we roll our sleeves up; irrespective of whether that’s at board, strategy, or operational level. In doing so we facilitate faster, more efficient scaling via our famed 10x Process. And, what's more, we offer growth capital to turbo-charge the result.

Who is Simon?

Scaled founder Simon Penson is a seasoned, and exited, digital entrepreneur and investor. By the age of 36 he had built and exited businesses with enterprise values of more than £40m. He is widely considered a growth & monetisation expert and has spoken at major digital events around the world. He now spends his time investing and consulting for both service-led and tech-enabled digital businesses to help them scale & multiply revenue and profits.

What is Scaled?

Scaled is a different kind of consultancy. Sure, we offer straightforward services across a range of the usual growth consulting areas, but where the magic really exists is in the bringing it together into what we call the 10X Process – a 3-5 year cycle that leans in on every detail of Simon’s learnings in scaling businesses to exit. And what’s more, we can back up what we say with smart money value-add investment, handing our partner businesses the rocket fuel to grow exponentially and aligning us all in the mission to grow!

Why do we exist?

Scaled’s team is passionate about growth. We know how painful the journey can be. Our famed fix is the 10x Process; the result of 15 years of real world hard work. We learned the hard way how easy it is to waste significant money and years of your life trying to work out how to grow effectively and efficiently. We have also seen hundreds of companies making the same mistake through our work building other people’s businesses and so we exist to take that pain away and shorten the journey. We do that through both traditional consulting and value add investment into cash flow positive businesses and we’ve hand-picked an A team of global sector and channel specialists that we call The Scaler Network to help too. Find out more via the button below.

How are we different?

Most ‘growth consultancies’ offer you a suite of services. Whilst this may be OK for some we believe you employ a growth consultant to deliver a result, not a service. It’s why we have spent 15 years developing an end-to-end process, to connect the unconnected dots. And where it makes most sense on both sides, we also offer what we call ‘smart money’, or ‘value accelerant’ investment funds to fuel the growth fire, taking minority stakes in the enterprise tying us together in perfect alignment. Find out more about our investment criteria and process below.

Our consultancy process

Whilst we absolutely look to invest in our client companies, it doesn’t always make sense. It’s why some of our clients work with us on a consultancy basis, still following the same 10x Process. It’s still a compelling proposition for all businesses thanks to how we can also plug into our Scaler Network; a carefully selected A Team of consultants, hand picked from around the world based on their specialist area of expertise and experience. We have a Scaler for every conceivable problem!

Our Thinking

Find out a little more about how we work and what our experience has taught us...

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