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Helping both buy & sell side businesses get the right deal.

Agency M&A Consultancy

Who we help:

CEO's and Founders
Looking to begin the journey to exit.
Agency Founders & SLTs
Understand their options and business value.
Founders and Shareholders
Understand whats available to them to realise value.
Exec teams and CEO's
Looking to grow through acquisition.
Buy side businesses
Looking for expert due diligence support.

Buy and sell agency businesses with experience on your side

We’ve been there, bought the T-Shirt and know what it takes to maximize value and stay-the-course!

Selling and buying is emotionally and mentally challenging and we arm you with the experience and knowledge to negotiate well and avoid the potholes!

It’s a complex world that often speaks another language. We help you understand it and enable you to pick the right route to value.

That means supporting you whether you are buying or selling in understanding how to maximize value, find the right partner and structure and carry out meaningful operational and commercial due diligence.

Digital due diligence support

We’ve sold, invested in and acquired dozens of digital businesses over the last decade and global businesses lean on that experience in supporting their own due diligence efforts.

We support both buy and sell side businesses with their due diligence, ensuring that the critical ‘Commercial’ element is covered thoroughly and systematically.

Often M&A teams do a great job looking at Finance and Legal elements of ‘DD’ but struggle to find the time, expertise or firepower to thorough vet the technology, platforms, processes, people and culture.

This is our heartland. And we can do the heavy lifting for you.

What Our Clients Say...

Scaled founder Simon Penson has been involved in buying, selling, merging and investing in digital businesses for many years and that exposure has given him a rare and valuable skill; the ability to spot acquisition opportunity, structure deals and maximize value. He has support us very closely in understanding our path to acquisitive growth.

Gullame Pusaz
Guillaume Pousaz

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