Quadrupling Top Line Revenues

Scaling a small sized agency to a medium sized agency

Kaizen is a creative growth marketing agency based in London providing services in Content, Influencer Marketing, PR, Paid Social, and SEO.


Similar to a lot of agencies, Kaizen had hit a glass ceiling in turnover and revenue, and needed to reset and understand how to break through to the next level of growth.


We started with a root and branch approach through objective setting, organisation design, structure and governance. Accountability and responsibility was then cascaded down into teams including Sales, Strategy, Client Service and Operations. Alongside this, we set strategic initiatives, and targets across the business and implemented new client services and operational processes.

This strategic reset built a robust structure and continues to go from strength to strength which can be seen in year-on-year revenue, operating profit and employee NPS.

Key results:

+415% increase in top line revenue
+376% increase in operating profit

What the client said:

Scaling from small business to medium sized company is something that few start ups and agencies master. Simon has proven his ability to help companies like ours break through that glass ceiling time and time again. In helping us do this Scaled played a very significant part in the trebling of our top line revenues.

Jeremy McDonald
Managing Director

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