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We help businesses figure out Web3 & grow engaged, organised & incentivised communities

The next era in the evolution of digital offers extraordinary opportunity and threat in equal measure to businesses not prepared for the seismic shift.

Having built successful businesses in both ‘Web1’ (read only web) and ‘Web2’ (read and write web – the ‘social and content era’) we know better than most what is a ‘fad’ and what really is a game-changing shift in how we digitally interact.

It’s why we’ve been invested heavily in building out solutions for existing businesses and those looking to build a start up in the Web3 space. And what we can say with absolute conviction is that the rules around building audience and value are absolutely NOT the same.

In a world where the community owns a piece of the pie clever incentive structures are key, as well as the ability to create and help communities self-organise around a shared goal.

Our web3 strategy and marketing services are still very much focused on content and storytelling, but with a focus on those incentives and supporting communities with content strategies that help build awareness and engagement.

What Our Clients Say...


Finding genuine strategic thinking within the burgeoning web3 space is tough. Very few people, let alone world class marketers understand the significance of the shift happening before our eyes, let alone understand what it means for brand building. Simon is one of those rare thinkers and strategic minds that can see it, unpick it and work out how to grow community and audience effectively in this new world. 

Chris Raison
CMO,Stealth Web3 project

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