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We take the pain out of start-up fundraising

Raising money for your start-up or scale-up can be time consuming, distracting and draining. We’ve been there!

As one of the best-connected consultancies in the UK we know what it takes to raise effectively and efficiently so that the process doesn’t become a distraction.

Having seen more than 1,000 pitch decks a year we also know what it takes to win; and whether the funded start-up route is right for you in the first place.

Our fundraising service puts you in front of the RIGHT funds and angel networks with a focus on quality, not quantity, saving you time and allowing you to raise without negative impact on your business.

What Our Clients Say...


The team skilfully manage the conversation around funding in a real world way, ensuring that plans and valuations are realistic and will resonate and that conversations are plugged into the right VCs and angels. Quality of quantity is the approach and it’s saved us vast amounts of time and secured us funding quickly.

Andrew Mole
CEO, Pubx

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