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Our Non-Exec and board consulting services are built around the needs of your business, right now.

There is no one-size-fits all solution to helping any company with its governance, strategy, and high-level roadmap and few know this better than Scaled founder Simon Penson.

He leads our non-exec consultancy services having sat on numerous Boards in the last 10 years, supporting businesses large and small looking to add entrepreneurial thinking and experience, digital knowledge, or scaling experience to their advisory team.

Transformative Support

Having built successful businesses in both ‘Web1’ (read only web) and ‘Web2’ (read and write web – the ‘social and content era’) we know better than most what is a ‘fad’ and what really is a game-changing shift in how we digitally interact.

It’s why we’ve been invested heavily in building out solutions for existing businesses that take advantages of those changes and we leverage that experience and the Scaled Roadmap process to help guide Boards on how to position and deliver profitable digital transformation and growth.

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