Expert Digital Due Diligence

Digital due diligence support

We’ve sold, invested in and acquired dozens of digital businesses over the last decade and global businesses lean on that experience in supporting their own due diligence efforts.

How can we help?

In simple terms we support both buy and sell side businesses with their due diligence, ensuring that the critical ‘Commercial’ element is covered thoroughly and systematically.

Often M&A teams do a great job looking at Finance and Legal elements of ‘DD’ but struggle to find the time, expertise or firepower to thorough vet the technology, platforms, processes, people and culture.

This is our heartland. And we can do the heavy lifting for you.

Our view on current Due Diligence process...


Buying a digital business requires a huge amount of technical skill, expertise and experience. So few manage to thoroughly vet what they are buying and, in doing so, they take a massive risk. So much can go wrong without the knowledge and ability to put the right system of checks in place across platform, process and people. That operational and commercial due diligence is something we are passionate about and we support businesses large and small in ensuring they are buying quality assets.

Simon Penson
Founder, Scaled Consulting

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