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Services by Type

Whilst the majority of our clients work with us through our end-to-end 10x Process as well as our joining our Investment Path we do offer individual growth consulting services on a project basis. Discover just some of those services below…

Non-Exec Services
Find out more about how we can add depth to your board and governance.
Growth Consulting
Our growth consulting services touch every part of your business.
Part Time CMO
We can provide senior leadership across your marketing function.
Mergers and Acquisitions
Looking for sell-side support to maximize your value? Need due diligence help?
Looking for VC or Angel funding? We can help develop strategy and raise. We also take minority stakes in certain cash-flow positive businesses.
Digital Due Diligence
Scaled offers digital due diligence services, ensuring businesses are better informed when it comes to the technology, people and operational processes.

Services by Role

Our suite of services is vast, with only a handful of our most popular listed on site. One of the best ways of understanding how we work is to look at what we offer based on your role and responsibilities. Talk to us if you fall under any of the headings below to find out how we can help.

We help CEOs set and deliver their vision, and then scale people & process effectively.
It’s never too early to develop good governance and external accountability. We help you create and run an effective Board that powers business growth.
We help companies develop overarching strategies for the whole business and implement them to win over heart and minds and drive profitable growth
We support in the set up & roll out of operational structure, processes, KPIs and efficiency monitoring. And ensure it wins awards!
A business is nothing with a growing audience, customer, or client base. We help you deliver it.
We are not financial experts. Instead, we show you how to engage with operational teams best, floating the right data to the top to help them make better business decisions, faster.

A few examples of who this is for...

Agencies that have…

  • Scaled to >5 employees but the founder is struggling to delegate
  • A workforce of 20+ but have hit a glass ceiling to growth
  • A team of >70 people and now need to build better reporting, governance, and senior team capability.
  • Grown to the point of exit opportunity and want to maximise value.

Start Ups that have…

  • Developed an MVP and raised their first external round.
  • Entered the ‘scale up’ phase having raised a Seed or Series A
  • Reached exit and are looking to maximize value.
  • A great idea but now need to raise money to fund it!

Cash-flow positive SMEs that have…

  • Been around some time but are struggling to find the right levers to growth.
  • Built a great business and want to transform digitally.
  • A founder in place who wants to exit, or sit back and create opportunity for others.

What My Client Say...


Scaling from small business to medium sized company is something that few start ups and agencies master. Simon has proven his ability to help companies like ours break through that glass ceiling time and time again. In helping us do this Scaled played a very significant part in the trebling of our top line revenues.

Jeremy McDonald
MD, Kaizen

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